CBD Beneficial for Work Related Issues

We have often discussed how CBD is beneficial for your health but in this blog we want to discuss how it may also be great for stress and work.

CBD is proven to be an effective way for many people to manage stress. This has led CBD users to start incorporating their CBD usage into their daily work routines. CBD works differently for everyone and you should consult your doctor before using any CBD products. 

CBD can help in several ways:

1. CBD usage can help improve your productivity. You may wonder HOW? It’s because CBD helps calm anxiety and research has also shown it to help with sleep issues.

2. The use of CBD can help you be more alert allowing for better concentration. 

3. As previously discussed, CBD is helpful for stress relief. In a study of patients with PTSD, “91% reported a decrease in stress severity of an eight-week treatment regimen that included regular oral CBD Consumption”(medcbdx.com). 

4. CBD has been deemed an anti-inflammatory which can help reduce pain you may be experiencing.

5. An energy level increase. This varies amongst users but many users have reported that if they take small doses at the beginning and end of their day it helps keep them stimulated and keeps their energy levels at a productive working level. 

6. CBD usage has also been shown to improve mood by boosting your natural cannabinoids which impact your mood and wellbeing.

CBD comes in many forms and we sell many of them at our CBD store in Friendswood, TX. We carry CBD oil, CBD gummy bears, CBD pre-rolls, CBD capsules, CBD lotions and more. Before using CBD before work it is important to understand your ideal dose and how it will affect you. Our staff is knowledgeable on all products we carry and can discuss with you what the best route to start with is. You may also purchase products via our website for a 15% discount plus free shipping.

*While CBD usage should not show on routine drug tests and CBD is legal in most states, please check with your employer in advance.