Lifter CBD Flower


Our Lifter CBD Strains contains 20% CBD and less than .3% THC. This will ultimately help in enhancing lifter CBD’s effects.

The hemp flower is nurtured in closed environments in the fertile soil, using the best organic practices. Our potent, Lifter CBD Strains will not only elevate the senses but also give way to the relaxation that we all crave after a hectic day at work.

It is hard to forget its woody & sweet aroma, which is absolutely pleasant to sniff. The Lifter CBD’s sweet taste will remind you of tropical fruits with a trace of blueberries. Smoking or vaping this flower produces a natural, unique, and fresh taste of grass or wood.

Users can experience a gentle cerebral focus and energy with an ongoing body relaxation that removes pains. All of our Lifter CBD Strains products are Farm Bill compliant and comes with proper legal certification.

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CBD Flower- Lifter

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