About Us

A+ Pack and Ship

Here at A+Pack & Ship we offer many different services!
  • Post Office / Stamps
  • UPS
  • Notary Service
  • Fax/Print
  • Personal PO Boxes
  • Amazon Returns(in most situations)
  • Ivory Boutique
  • Liquid Assault

…and other local vendors are also located within the store!!

We are located in Friendswood, TX. Our friendly staff is here to help you with any of your packing and shipping needs!

Within our shop you we have rotating gift items and we feature items from many local artists/vendors so be sure to walk around and take a look next time you’re in!

Not Your Typical Shipping Store!

We constantly have new items coming into the shop! Clothes, decor, seasonal items, greeting cards, wreaths, free coffee, a toy box for children to pick from and so much more!!

Our Shop

Free shipping on orders over $50!